IFHOHYP Summercamp 2018

The Dutch Youth Hard of Hearing Association SH-Jong is proudly announcing to host the IFHOHYP Summercamp 2018 in The Netherlands. The preparation team is very excited and looking forward to see you all in the summer of 2018. On this page you can find detailed information and the registration button to sign up.

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For Who:
Hard of hearing young people between 18 to 35 years old.

The conditions are: a maximum of 10 persons from each country and only 25% of the participants can be above the age of 30 years. We use a first come first serve policy which means that people who are signing up later, for example as number 11 of  the country will be put on a waiting list. 

Monday 30th of July to Sunday 5th of August 2018

The Netherlands. A country of 17 million people, known for being a tolerant, openminded nation and welcoming people from abroad. If you would like to find more information about our culture, regions or places check holland.com

Where in The Netherlands:
The Summercamp accommodation is located in the south-east part of The Netherlands. It’s in Veldhoven, which is near the city of Eindhoven. The accommodation ‘De Buitenjan’  is located in a forest of ‘De Kempen’. It has its own sports fields, sports hall, fireplace and a private organization in outdoor and event activities. There’s space for 70 participants.

We’ve a special price for early birds registrations. Early bird date runs from 1st of November 2017 to 31st of January 2018. When you register within the early bird dates, you have a deposit to pay. The deposit has to be paid before the 1st of January. When the Early bird is closed, you have to pay the normal registration fee. Early bird registrations by deposit have to pay the remaining amount between 1st of January 2018 and 31st of May 2018.

There will be no deposit for the normal price after January 31st 2018. If you want to ensure a cheaper spot for the Summercamp registrate soon as possible. 

We offer different options of registration and payment.

IFHOHYP members pay:
Early bird deposit: 100 euro and pay 150 euro later
Early bird price: 250 euro
Normal price: 285 euro

Non-IFHOHYP members pay:
Early bird deposit: 100 euro and pay 200 euro later 
Early bird price: 300 euro
Normal price: 335 euro

If you have no idea you’re a member of one of the IFHOHYP member organizations check here

This is excluding your own travel expenses and booking fee.

Practical information – how to get there:
The Netherlands in general is very accessible and convenient in (public) transport.

Eindhoven train station and Eindhoven Airport are the closest transfer hubs near the Summercamp location and we will have a pick up service for both, the train station and the airport. This will be provided by our own preparation team. The exact pick up times will be annouced before the Summercamp will start.

From Eindhoven train station there’s a bus station. Bus line 150 runs every 30 minutes. The bus stops directly in front of the Summercamp location.

There are trains from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) and Düsseldorf Airport (Germany) to Eindhoven train station. The trains driving on a frequent and regular basis.

All participants will receive detailed information about how to get to the Summercamp location e.g. pick up request etc. If you have questions already, such as other airports or transport possibilities, don’t hesitate to ask and send an email.

Our Summercamp program offers several activities to fulfill your needs include sports, daytrips, workshops, presentations and learning something about the dutch culture. Of course there’s plenty of free time to get to know each other.

Further information
A reminder: all the presentations, activities, workshops, social engagement and communication are in English. We do not want discourage people to come, because we want to be as open and tolerant as possible for all participants and all nationalities. But it’s strongly recommended to have the intention to improve your English language and communication skills.

Contact details
If you have any questions, please send an email to nlsummercamp2018@gmail.com we are happy to answer all your questions. Please notice it take some days for instant reply and we will answer your question(s) as soon as possible.

How to register?

Register NOW and pay the early bird fee.
Problems with your registration or payment feel free to contact us.

The registration is final if we receive all your details and full amount of registration fee.

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