IFHOHYP member organizations

If you’re a member of one of the following IFHOHYP-member-organizations you just have to pay: 250 euro (early bird price available from 11-01-2017 to 01-01-2018) or 285 euro (normal price available after 01-01-2018).

If you don’t know please email us for help.

Organisation name Country
Academy of Sports and Education for Deaf of Tunisia Tunisia
AFaMUT Italy
Bangladesh Hard of Hearing Association (BDHOH) Bangladesh
Bekol Israel
Bundesjugend – Verband junger Menschen mit Horbehinderung e.V. Germany
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA) Canada
Česká Unie Neslyšících (CUN) Czech Republic
FADCY Russia
Hard of Hearing Young People Foundation (HOHYPF) USA
Høreforeningen (HF) Denmark
Hørselshemmedes Landsforbunds Ungdom (HLFU) Norway
Isitme Engelliler ve Aileleri Dernegi (IED) Turkey
Jugehörig (JH) Switzerland
Kuuloliitto Ry Finland
National Association of Hard of Hearing and Deafened Nepal (SHRUTI) Nepal
SH-Jong The Netherlands
Surdus Loquens Poland
Svenska Hörselförbundet R.F. Finland
Uganda Federation of Hard of Hearing (UFHOH) Uganda
Unga Hörselskadade (UH) Sweden

Thanks to the organizations for making the Summercamp 2018 possible:

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